Labor Day in New York ニューヨークのレーバーデイ


Today is labor day although we are going to work. We decided to take a detour  to the office through Central Park and have breakfast in the park.  We brought coffee in a thermos and our round challah  bread as it will be the Jewish holiday soon.  The streets were very quiet, hardly any cars and the park was full of New Yorkers relaxing and enjoying the quiet city.

今日はレイバーデイ、勤労感謝の日とでも訳せばいいのだろうか?実際は夏は今日で終わり! を意味していて、「別荘で夏休みを取っていた人たちが明日からどっと帰ってくる日」と同義に使われる。祭日なのだけれど、私たちは働かないといけない。そこで、事務所へは遠回りだが、セントラルパークに寄り道をして、朝食を食べることにした。魔法瓶に入れたコーヒーとパンを持って出かけた。パンは卵のいっぱい入った餡なしアンパンといえば大体当たっているだろうか?もうすぐユダヤの祭日で、これを食べるしきたりがある。日本のアンパンの起源かも知れない。


We got to the park at  9 o’clock, maybe that is why there weren’t so many people ….. actually there were many dogs with their owners tagging along. We  passed some of the popular tourist destinations and finally got to our favorite spot… the boat pond. For us the park is an amazing thing, they talk about it being the back yard for urban New Yorkers but it is actually our very own urban space. We can imagine ourselves in a cafe, quietly watching the world go by.  There is also just enough of a garden so that we can debate what the flowers are.



The lakes and ponds in Central Park are actually man made but look very natural, except this one. It is a formal framed regular shape. Our cafe is located just in front of the lake all although we hardly use it as a cafe. You can sit on any of these chairs without ordering food. We like this atmosphere because it is like the cafes on the streets but you can enjoy it without spending anything.

セントラルパークの池は自然に見えるように作られているものの実はどれも人口池。この池は例外的にルネサン ス風の整形式の形に縁どられている。その真ん前に目的のカフェがある。僕らはほとんどこの店で何かを買うことがないのだけれど、椅子には勝手に座る。街中の通り にあるカフェのような雰囲気でありながら、気軽に利用できるからユニークな存在。


Well, nothing more in our thermos now, it may be the time to say goodbye and head to the office.