PEAR BLOSSOMS@NewYork ニューヨークの桜?じゃなくて…

Spring came to NY very early this year. There are some cherries blooming in Central Park and gardens here and there but instead of cherries there are masses of white flowers blooming in every street. But there is no cherry excitement like in Japan. The blooms are Callery (Bradbury) Pears but they do not produce edible fruit-we came to know the names of the street trees when we volunteered to survey NYC street trees a few years ago. There is no pear festival, no pear viewing parties,  no pear blossom prediction or tracking in the weather report, no seasonal  cakes using  pear leaves even though the blossoms are so overwhelming here.  Why no celebration for this wonderful display like in Japan?… too bad.  In Japan the trees are trimmed too much so that they look like giant bonsai except for the cherries, which have a special discrimination. When I was a kid I was told you must not break  the branches they are so beautiful, but I don’t remember any other tree that has that special treatment.


Japan is often said to be a country full of  lush green nature. I do not think that is true, when you compare Tokyo with any European city through Google earth it is not as green. I believe that Japanese towns would be more beautiful if they stopped trimming  the trees  so much and let them grow into a natural tree shape. A couple of years ago I spoke with the park department section in Kita-ku ward and asked if they could change their policy, I wonder what is going on there.



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