summer outdoor concert 夏の野外コンサート


As it was mentioned in the last post about Pregones theater,  this concert at Lincoln Center  motivated us to attend the Pregones performance. The music we listened to at Pregoness was totally different from the music at Lincoln Center, but both events were listed in the flyer organized by Lincoln Center.  This performance was  quite experimental, it began slowly yet still declared the start of a musical performance. The base of the sounds were do-mi-sol, but mingled with constant dissonance, there was no rhythm, nor tune that you could tell where  it would go. There was a choir standing in the pool with megaphones singing something we could not catch. The sounds we heard were totally mixed with the noisy traffic of the  streets surrounding the inner plaza of Lincoln Center. The music culminated/swelled in the middle and faded out very slowly in an hour. No human voices , no chatting, everyone seemed to be wondering ” has it ended or not.. no not yet, well still.. really”. The only sound/noise was the traffic. I realized everyone was listening to these noises very carefully. Normally we do not focus on them or recognize that they are there, they are a constant background to daily life in the city. It seems we were  nicely fooled by the composer.



By the way the green slope where the  brass and wind section are standing is the roof of a restaurant and the  building behind is the Julliard school. Both were extended with a design by Diller Scofidio Renfrew in 2009. Many people gather in this great public space now.



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