origami staircase オリガミ階段

We posted some information about a duplex apartment we designed where an opening was mode in the concrete slab and an origami bridge was inserted between the upper and lower floors. I wonder if it was too abstract? In this blog you can watch a video animation explaining the concept. Please take a look. An explanation follows after it.


“This staircase was conceptually inspired by paper folding art principles where a single strip forms the flight of risers. Simple serpentine folding of a metal sheet connects both floors. A thick and hard material like steel requires a totally different technology; cutting with a computer controlled laser cutter and special bending machine. These days,  “3D  printers”  have become a buzz word but a “3D steel printer” has not been invented yet. Instead of cutting out a long zigzag shape from industrial metal sheets and bending the strip 24 times, a more economical, energy saving and much more dimensionally accurate method was developed. First, a large standard sheet was folded just 4 times and after folding sliced “diagonally” into 6 identical modules then finally stacked. This procedure made precisely identical modules which would never have been achieved by bending the strips one by one. This accuracy was essential to accommodate the glass handrail which requires precise alignment.”


Insight into the nature of fabrication and the nature of the material developed and shaped the design. With these principles the design was realized —— reducing the cost, optimizing the use of material and maintaining the conceptual integrity of the design. Throughout this project the idea of “how to make” was a  part of the design,  the design itself  further clarifies how to it was made. Once the concept is created, it is not a matter of “bull dozing through to a solution” instead restrictions on materials and production contributed to inspire the concept … I think this is a good example.




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