Women’s March 女性の行進

I have attended the women’s march for the last 3 years and I am always recharged and encouraged by the energy and hope— we all seem to think we can make things better.

There was a lot of whining this year about how there were fewer people and there was not a consolidated idea behind marching- but I really wonder if there needs to be. It was great to see a truly diverse group of women out there, and some fantastic signs, raunchy, funny, serious and so disrespectful sometimes.


今年は人が減ったことや、行進の背後にある統合された考えがなかったことについて多くの意見が寄せられたが、その必要が本当にあるのでだろうか? 多様な女性のグループが出ているのを見るのは本当に素晴らしかった。

I joined up with the women designers, engineers, architects, and landscape architects- any women in a design profession (or not) was welcome in the group. There have been several newspaper articles lately about why aren’t there more women architects? Lots of reasons and women architects are still often not paid as much as their male colleagues, but there were over 73 women willing to come out and march together under the banner of #women build.

私は女性のデザイナー、エンジニア、建築家、造園家と一緒にいた。デザインの仕事をしている女性は誰でも大歓迎。 最近、なぜ女性建築家が増えないのかについてのいくつかの記事新聞に載った。 そこには多くの理由がある。女性建築家が彼らの男性の同僚ほどまだ給料が支払われていない。一緒に出て行進したいと思う女性たち#women buildのプラカードの下に73人以上いた

One of my favorite groups that I shared several blocks of the march with seemed to be friends from high school. They were a completely racially mixed group of women, black, yellow, white and every shade in-between; they were singing and dancing and eager to change the world.

数街区を共に歩いたいくつかのグループの中で、私が気に入ったのは、完全な人種の混ざり合ったグループで高校時代の友達らしい、黒人、黄色人、白人、そしてそれらの混ざり合ったさまざまな色のグループだ。 歌と踊り―――そして世界を変える情熱。

There were, of course politically focused signs and many volunteers to sign up anyone who was not registered to vote.

Someone stopped me and asked “can’t you build us a better White House?”  I said “we sure are trying….”


見ていた人が尋ねてきた。「あなた方は私たちのために良いホワイトハウスを作れるわよね?」…… 答えて曰く、「頑張ります。」





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