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Sandy, the coauthor of this blog became a fellow of the American Institute of Architects, FAIA. The AIA New York chapter organized a celebration party for the new FAIA members. Wikipedia says FAIA is an architect who has made outstanding contributions to the profession through design excellence, contributions in the field of architectural education, or to the advancement of the profession. There are several categories, but her coverage spans design, education and community contribution, which is unusual and hopefully will be a new role model. The AIA allotted two minutes for speeches by new FAIAs at the reception. It is really hard to summarize what the achievements were in that time. 2 minutes flies past instantly. You do not have room to joke or tell a story.

(We found we were silly to believe that we needed to follow that rule, some people entertained the audience with jokes and “thank you speeches” for 5 minutes like the Oscars, they needed that special music to call them off stage. I hope people do not think all architects are like that.)

このブログの共著者であるサンディーが米国建築家協会のフェローになった。FAIAという肩書になるのだが、名誉上級会員と訳せばいいのだろうか?そのニューヨーク支部で祝賀会があった。ウィキペディア曰く、優れたデザイン、教育、職能の向上を通して、目覚ましい貢献をした建築家に与えられるのだそうな。いろんなカテゴリがあるが、彼女の場合はデザインからコミュニティーへの貢献、後進の教育にまたがっていて、これまでにないタイプで、これからのモデルになると素晴らしい。レセプションのまえに新人FAIA が手短に業績を紹介するスピーチをする。2分間という決められた時間の中で、表彰された理由を要約するのは至難のわざで、ジョークを入れたり、語り調にする余裕はない。2分なんてあっという間に経ってしまう。



A few days later we organized our own reception inviting our friends and clients. We chose to hold it at the blue origami wall of the MS imaging center that we designed a few years ago. Actually the wall will be torn down in several months for an extension of this medical facility. The reception was also meant to celebrate the short life of the blue origami wall. Many images of this wall have been published, so today’s guests would know it but experiencing the space at this scale was quite different… everybody looked curious and asked us “ How come?” noting how sad it was that it was being torn down.



In June the AIA is having another event for new FAIAs in Las Vegas. They require men to wear “ black tie” and there will be dancing. One of the coauthors is getting less excited to join it.



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  1. Hi Sandy and Hiroki, This is wonderful news. Congratulations, Sandy, on being recognized like this! I’m sure it is well deserved. You will be such a role model for others.

    ( I think black tie and dancing in Las Vegas might be kind of fun!)

    Any plans yet for coming to Ontario? As always, we would love to have a visit.

    We are going to Europe at the end of May for 3 weeks, both to see Aidan and Leah also to and also to celebrate our 50th ! wedding anniversary . So we will spend a week in Berlin, then we travel to Croatia, where we will board a small ship and cruise down the Dalmatian Coast for a week. Something we have never done before. It looks like a beautiful part of the world. Then back to Berlin for a few more days with the kids before coming home.

    Congratulations again! Anne

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