Cherry Blossom in NY 花見のニューヨーク

This year it feels like spring came earlier, the cherries and magnolias are blooming at the same time and the forsythia is blossoming too. They normally are distinguished by the timing of when they bloom but this spring we cannot distinguish them from a distance. It is a rare feeling to see both at the same time. Just an hour before the sunset, already many people had left but still there are a lot of people in Central Park lingering and enjoying the blooms. Now there are no tourists but what if they had joined? These are all locals enjoying their park.


There was every kind of party; lovers, family and friends, all ages, all gender, all races. The party above is speaking a language we don’t know, not English and not Spanish. They took off the shoes!


This party speaks perfect English. They are dressed up and made up, taking pictures of each other. The branch they are on seems like it is not high enough. Of course no alcohol, but the spring is making them wilder. They are challenging to reach the next one.


We looked for an empty cherry tree. But they are all taken. The canopy of flowers is a universally preferred space. We sort of gave up and toasted with our wine and cheese from close by.  An illusion that we are in Japan enjoying the ephemeral spring came to me, but wait a minute there are none of those popular harsh blue plastic sheets.


On our way back , we saw a lot of temporary sheds built by restaurants in the parking lanes along the streets. In our last blog post we wondered where the customers would go in midwinter, in fact they did not go anywhere. We saw many people in these sheds even in real freezing temperatures. They are locals, not from Siberia or Alaska. We admired how determined New Yorker’s love their restaurants and chatting. Although they don’t need that determination tonight.



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