CRAGSMOOR クレッグスモア 2

It was thanksgiving day of  last year that we removed a wild grape tangled in a tree. We found that the grape has been growing and  is getting tangled again. The leaves are very beautiful but they are suffocating the tree which we are not very fond of. We reluctantly amputated  the vine at the base. The trunk was almost 2 inches in diameter. We heard that some property in the neighborhood is for sale now so we shopped around. There was a site which used to be a hotel at the turn of the century. It has already reverted back to woodland. We explored the garage which is now the only the reminder of the hotel.

去年ここに来て野生のぶどうを整理したのは感謝祭の休日だった。ぶどうの蔓は再び大きくなって近くの木に絡み付いていた。根元で径4センチぐらい。葉はとても美しいけれど、他の木-それほど好きじゃない-を枯らしかけている。断腸の思いで根元近くから断つことにした。売りに出ている土地が近くにいくつかあると聞いて、「 興味本位 」で見て回った。昔ホテルだったところがある。敷地はもう元の林に戻っていて、唯一残った車庫の周りを探検した。日本なら解体費の分が安くなるところが、ここでは反対。まだ使えるので値が上がるらしい。

By the way I think having a beautiful green lawn is one of the obsessions of North Americans. The well known English manner houses had big lawns and I wondered how they were maintained. I found a lot of sheep poop scattered in the gardens; the sheep were in charge of the lawn mowing. But I guess the less rich typical gardener could not afford a well maintained lawn. In North America sheep are not that popular,  however there was oil!! There are many models of lawn mower from one like a cart to a monster that has a cockpit. All year long you hear the engine noises around you. In a sense those beautiful lawns have been maintained with the price of oil. Before the discovery of oil people in North America saw a different landscape from what we see now I guess. It might be a fun to visualize the accumulated height of  oil poured onto these lawns like snow; half an inch? 1 inch? a foot? No way!! ( 10 minutes will bring you a right  answer if you know metric system. But if  just  imperial system,…… never mind.)  It may be a good time to build a new aesthetic but it is impossible to dismiss this beauty.



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